How Centuri Messenger is different.

CenturiSoft by design achieved a different approach on messaging and communications systems. After many years of developing voicemail systems, our expertise in the industry had recognized the shortcoming and development hurdles needed for evolving ‘legacy’ systems to real-time communications services.

The approach was never before imagined – until now. CenturiSoft used sound, proven industry standards and made critical decisions early on in the design of the Centuri Messenger.

For the deployment of the maintenance and database functions, CenturiSoft chose industry standards such as Microsoft SQL and Oracle for database storage. Another area was the choice of hardware platforms for development, Intel and Dialogic were chosen and partnerships were made early on with both for the development of the platform.

As with most messaging systems written several years ago, they were written using 2nd or 3rd GL (Generation Languages). Going the additional step, CenturiSoft chose a 4th GL development platform language, this allowed CenturiSoft to leverage the WEB services as no one else can in the industry today.

Scalability focused on from conception by CenturiSoft was the ability for the platform to scale from 1 user to 100,000 users by using a 3-Tiered Architecture. Maintenance and support can be done from a central point and ‘Trunking Servers’ can be deployed virtually anywhere.

Usability, with extensive customer feedback and suggestions the Centuri Messenger is one of the easiest systems to navigate for the subscriber and guest callers. Most functions are executed with a single key that is consistent throughout the application. Consistency is key for users to familiarize themselves quickly without the fatigue of using complex and inconsistent keystrokes as with other systems.

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