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CenturiSoft announced today our 7th year in business with several milestones accomplished. CenturiSoft in January 2007 installed their 100th system, finalized our acquisition with ReparoVox Communications, installed several new Centuri Digital Voice Loggers, and currently are in final negotiations with one of the incumbent carrier customers for voice messaging. We also are announcing our first user’s group meeting to be held at the ATSI Conference Expo in June 2007, we look forward to seeing everyone there in June!

CenturiSoft is also announcing the availability to scale the Centuri Messenger to 368 ports running with VoIP technologies. “Our close partnership with Intel and Microsoft allow us(CenturiSoft) to further leverage our technologies seamlessly to a broader market, remarked John Pope, President of CenturiSoft.

We would also like to thank all of our customers, resellers and partners for making this a reality, we have renewed our commitment to the industry on continuous product development and innovation, and are appreciative to all that has supported and fostered our growth. “Our mission is to become the number one open systems platform provider for the Unified Communications market segment” is becoming more and more a reality.