Centuri Messenger

Imagine, working from your favorite E-mail program and receiving your E-mails, Faxes and Voice from one place. Imagine if you never have to check Voicemail again. And is delivered to you the way you want and when you want it.

  • Receive fax and voicemails on line with no phone charges
  • Virtual receptionist lets you screen your calls by schedule
  • “Tap” Record Conversations on the “fly”
  • Top-Notch Conferencing Capabilities
  • Personalize all your greetings
  • Schedule Conferences and Telephone Meetings
  • Transfer Callers To ACD and UCD Systems Seamlessly
  • Provide Switch Capabilities Without The Expense Of A Switch
  • Access your account information via the web

System Administration

System administration is made easy with pull-down menus and auto set-up of subscribers. Mailbox information is entered using templates for various classes of services and access rights. Delivery templates can be set up for commonly used delivery methods or copied for clients with multiple customized boxes. The mailbox type, behavior, and greetings selection can be automatically controlled based on the day of the week and the time of the day. Simple set-up and administration is a given with Centuri Messenger.


The services section allows the system administrator to prescribe a service level from 99 pre-defined service levels. This saves the administrator considerable time when setting up subscriber accounts. In the Control Information section, the administrator defines which services are granted to each service level. There is also a “User Defined” Service level for those subscribers who need a little more flexibility.


The scheduling section allows complete flexibility of how callers are handled by day and time-of-day. For example, during normal business hours M-F 8-5, callers are sent to “Call Screen” allowing them to be connected to the subscriber. However, after hours and weekends, the callers are directed to voicemail. The delivery and greeting options also come into play by deciding which delivery/greeting option is used respective of the schedule.


The Delivery section, the system administrator may choose any one of 20 pre-defined delivery levels, much like the service levels. These are completely definable by the administrator or the service provider depending on their needs. As with the Service Levels, there is a “User Defined” Delivery Level, which allows the administrator to fine-tune the delivery method for any individual subscriber. Delivery methods range from Disabled to voice and/or text pager, forward to another mailbox, voice delivery and overhead pager. When the delivery level and delivery method are combined, they equal a “Delivery”. The administrator can define up to three separate deliveries for each subscriber but if the “Forward” delivery method is used the administrator can define three more delivery methods for the subscriber. These can be cascaded to several levels ensuring that even the most finicky customer can be satisfied.


With the built-in reporting capabilities included with the Centuri Messenger you have the ability of retrieving real-time reports and having the ability to export and e-mail these reports to your customers based on their needs.

Real-Time Mailbox Statistics

Important for the administrator to know at all times that they can be of full assistance to their customers by providing fax and voice prompting services and incorporate them real-time without the need of down time. The administrator can also provide additional services such as Fax Broadcasting for sales or solicting campaigns, information is maintained in the Centuri Messenger and is available anytime to the administrator.

Real-Time Backup

Having the robust capabilities of the Centuri Messenger without an efficient way of backing up the system on-line would defeat it’s capabilities. Real-Time Backup can be done at any time the administrator wishes to do so. Reports can be printed and logs are appended to on each backup, an average size system only takes 5-10 minutes to backup all system files, prompts(system and mailbox) and executables. In the unlikely event of a complete harddisk failure, restoration can be done as quickly and in very little time