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With over 2 years in design and development with several of our customers, the roll-out of the ACD Call Queuing And Routing Module is available today to new and existing CenturiSoft customers. Implemented as stand-alone or in a complementary switch configuration, allows CenturiSoft to add additional functionality to the existing call control built in today. “Customers have been asking for this feature to be integrated seamlessly into the Centuri Messenger, by having full ACD Call Queuing and Routing functionality we are able to deliver on that request” remarked Mark Schaeffer, Vice President of Development at CenturiSoft.

Features that rival many switches on the market today, CenturiSoft is able to provide stand-alone customers full voice communications functionality without resorting to stand-alone ACD’s or switches to perform the same tasks. Some of the features include scheduling of call routing and queuing based on time of day, queue overflow, queue timeouts and termination options for callers and works with all the features the Centuri Messenger has today. When operated with an existing switch the Centuri Messenger leverages the capabilities of the switch and provides new methods and opportunities for live voice messaging applications.