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Viper Networks, Inc. (OTC:VPER) announced today that it’s 40{af03e46191c73b6ded3aa6f76b813e62ecc484a0b8df835ba9eca6c8cb92784f} owned subsidiary, Coliance Communications, Inc., has signed a formal Letter of Intent to build an IP/PSTN network with CenturiSoft Inc. ( CenturiSoft specializes in unified communications with integrated e-mail, fax and voice. Centurisoft provides all the features of stand alone systems at a fraction of the cost. Coliance will co-locate the network in Broadwings Network Operations Center (NOC) in Austin, Texas. Coliance is currently marketing the latest release of its “USB Phone” product, a handset device designed to plug into the USB port of a personal computer and deliver traditional telephone clarity and quality while utilizing the cost savings associated with placing calls via the internet.